Strider Group LLC is the developer of the Lane Meadow's project, and brings an ethos of livability, quality, and efficiency to every home. Strider Group believes that a new calculus has entered the minds of today’s high-end home-buyer – how can I live in my house without it taking over my life? Every decision is weighed with all of the considerations that make up the term “livability” – initial cost, maintenance over time, beautiful design and efficiency of space.  Strider Group believes that a home can be livable and beautiful and environmentally conscious and efficient and cost-effective. By utilizing pre-engineered and factory-built components as well as on-site craftspeople,  homes can be built that feature both the quality of commercial construction and the unique elements of on-site artistry. The result of Strider Group’s focus is a beautiful home that is built to be lived in and loved for generations.

Sun Valley Real Estate, LLC/Christie’s International Real Estate is an independently owned brokerage with sixteen brokers and agents dedicated to providing the highest level of professional real estate service to their clients. Suzanne Williams, a UC Berkeley graduate, has been active in the industry for the last 34 years and holds a Master’s degree from MIT’s Center for Real Estate. Suzanne continues to provide consulting expertise and professional representation for those marketing properties or seeking advice on purchases. Suzanne is a licensed Broker in California and Idaho. For information on home or land sales at Lane Meadows call: 208-720-3951


Conrad Brothers was established in the Sun Valley area in1997. The experience of our employees in the construction industry is extensive and we bring a  wealth of information and skill to every job. The principals bring big business techniques to the office of a small volume builder. The company’s founder, Paul Conrad, is a third generation general contractor and builder. He brings together the skills of high quality craftsmanship, progressive building knowledge and a high level of business professionalism. Sustainability and continuing education are a big part of the company’s goals. Our philosophy is to advocate a team approach. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations through superior service and quality. We build some of the highest quality structures in the west, in a cost-conscious manner, while honoring true craftsmanship. At Conrad Brothers we pride ourselves on having long term relationships with our clients by bringing projects in on time and on budget.

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Sander architect utilizes the best of pre-fabricated and site-built construction techniques to create beautiful, efficient, and exceptionally built custom homes with a modern vernacular. At the heart of most Sander homes is an environmentally conscious (zero waste and recyclable),  extremely sturdy, and fireproof, steel frames structure.   Much of the remainder of construction mimics a more typical site-built home, which provides the best of both worlds – the quality and efficiency of factory built components with custom site-built features and fixtures of local craftspeople. Besides focusing on construction methodologies,  Sander Architects prides itself in the livability and efficiency of its interior spaces.  By ensuring that every space is usable and livable for its purpose, the Sander approach creates homes at a livable scale that create spaces for families to gather and be together. Finally, the careful selection of materials creates a clean, purposeful, and well-appointed aesthetic. The end result of this design process is an environmentally conscious home which leaves families time to enjoy their space without expending time and resources on maintenance and upkeep.

Ben Young Landscape Architects (BYLA) is a landscape and site-planning firm that brings both an artistry and practicality to its designs. With extensive construction experience as the foundation of the process, site plans are focused on creating the maximum desired impact, with the appropriate use of resources, both in initial construction but also maintenance over time.  BYLA’s deep roots in the Sun Valley area also bring knowledge of the right materials and plants for the unique and varied climate of the Sun Valley area. Their approach and vernacular is to bring forth the beauty of natural landscaping design, as opposed to forcing one upon the land. The combination of experience, local knowledge, and artistry results in high-impact spaces, livable outdoor rooms, and unified palettes – all in a low-maintenance approach that focuses on living in and enjoying the spaces and not being weighed down by them.