Lane Meadows sits on the former Lane Family Homestead. The Lane’s were prominent sheepherders and community members of Sun Valley. In the 1940’s they developed the first of three homes that would eventually sit on the site. As tourism and recreation took over sheepherding in the Wood River Valley, the Lane’s sold off their property to developers, including the prominent Lane Ranch subdivision. However, they retained their Homestead, and lived in the homes up until the 2000’s. When it became available for sale, the property was purchased by a family with a history of coming to Sun Valley by railroad since the 1950’s. With an eye towards its careful development and stewardship, the new owners kept the property vacant for over 10 years. 

The Lane’s, like many of Sun Valley’s pioneers, were independent-minded. Even as their former property was annexed into the City of Sun Valley, they fiercely fought to keep the property rurally-zoned and under County jurisdiction throughout its history, even though it came to be surrounded on all three sides by Lane Ranch subdivision. 

When determining the time was right to develop the new property, the new owners, represented by Strider Group LLC, sought the clarification of annexation into the City of Sun Valley. After a year of site planning and a rigorous design process, the subdivision plan was presented to the City and its governing bodies. The 10-lot design featured a winding road and sidewalk that circled around a half-acre common area (that became known as the “peanut” in the approval process). The common area and winding, circular road were key design features meant to create light and space between the homes, protect sweeping views, and allow for residents to walk their dogs and ride their bikes without ever having to leave the neighborhood. The “peanut” was a deliberate and intention refutation of the typical cul-de-sac led design. While zoning regulations would have allowed for 13 residential lots, the final design features only 10. This intentional downscaling of the number of homes creates a neighborhood with larger average lot sizes, shared common space in the middle, and a place to walk your dog at the end of the day. The design was approved in 2014 in what was the first successful annexation to the City of Sun Valley in over 10 years. Strider Group then proceeded with the infrastructure improvements – including constructing Lane’s Way, bringing utilities to each lot, and other related site improvements. Between the extensive investment in the design process and site improvements, the investment in the Sun Valley community totaled well over $1 million dollars.