At the center of every design decision is the question of livability. To us, livability is that ultimate mix of factors that brings forth a home that supports and enhances a lifestyle. Beauty, simplicity, efficiency, low maintenance, energy efficient, environmentally conscious, a mix of gathering and private spaces, quality, craftsmanship – are some of the elements that we consider to be a part of livability, and we strive to bring these forth in each and every consideration. Our process begins with assembling the right [team], and then allowing for a rigorous design process that elicits the talents of each team member. Starting with the site planning, which lasted over a year, for the neighborhood itself to the individual site plans, floor plans, and architecture of each home, we believe this rigorous design process results in carefully conceived and thought out homes, all focused on how they will be lived in. 


The Peanut

At the center of the neighborhood design is the “peanut” – an over half-acre common space that creates light and space between the homes, and a place for children to play. 


Lane’s Way

In lieu of a traditional cul-de-sac, Lane’s Way was designed as a winding, undulating road that leads one around the neighborhood. With a meandering sidewalk around the center meadow, Lane’s Way creates a place for a walk or ride around the neighborhood. 


Sidewalk to Bike Trails

Neighborhood denizens can quickly travel less than 300 yards to access the Blaine County bike trails, with the Ketchum core just over a mile away. 


Elegant Homes Designed for Today’s Lifestyle

Beautiful, simple, elegant, environmentally conscious, and efficient homes that fit today’s active and busy lifestyle are the true heart of Lane Meadows. Using simple, chic forms that create both eminently useful gathering and private spaces inside, there is no waste generated in the process. That gives the opportunity to focus on making the most of the spaces that are created with beautiful living materials, like Alaskan Yellow and Western Red Cedar siding, and Zinc standing seam roofing.The rigorous design process imagined the Sun Valley lifestyle, with each home starting with a mudroom to store the many accessories of outdoor activity. Large great rooms with cohesive kitchen, dining, and living spaces create opportunities for family members to gather and share time with each other. 

Landscape designs feature outdoor living spaces, from fire pits for late night gathering and s’more-making, to patios to dine together in the cool summer evenings. Natural and native landscaping reduces water consumption and maintenance. 

Construction methodologies marry the best of prefabricated components with on-site craftsmanship. After a nationwide search, Sander Architects was selected based upon its expertise in modern construction techniques and design sensibilities. Steel structural frames form the core of the home. Steel is an environmentally friendly (recyclable) material that is fireproof, and well, as strong as steel. The steel frames are designed and fabricated in the controlled environment of the factory setting, and assembled onsite. This process generates zero waste, unlike the typical wood-based stick-built frame. All of these benefits come at a reduced overall construction (and lifecycle) cost. 

In addition to steel frames, home feature SIPs (structural insulated panels) paneling – another building component that is built in the highly controlled factory environment and assembled onsite. SIPs are highly efficient in insulation and construction, again generating zero waste as they are constructed specifically for each building. 

With the core and the shell utilizing prefabricated components, the exterior and interior are built by local craftspeople. Hand formed cabinets and built in cabinetry, masonry work, and finish carpentry are examples of the artistry and personal experience that complete the building process.

With a rigorous design process and the marriage of prefabricated components and onsite craftsmanship, the final element of the Lane Meadows home is the vertical integration of the land, building, and financing processes. With the ownership of each of the various processes, the middleman is eliminated. Numerous fees, interest costs, and overhead is reduced and/or eliminated. By building multiple homes simultaneously, material and contracting costs are reduced. This combination of economies of scale and vertical integration reduce costs, allowing us to present homes with high design, smart materials, and exceptional quality at unprecedented values to our buyers.